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Mobile Newspaper Articles

My Media Diet - Tony Halechief Executive, The Newspaper Works, Sydney.

Continuing a series about the media consumption habits of people in the media industries. Participants compile a diary over two days, straddling a week day and the weekend.

Reading And Writing Can Lead To A Better Life

With the strong links between literacy levels and weekly income, learning to read and write really pays off for adults, writes KATELIN McINERNEY. Almost half the Australian population lack sufficient literacy skills to enable them to do basis things like read timetables or understand a mobile phone contract.

Think Outside The Box

A new type of barcode opens up a world of opportunity on your mobile phone. By Maria Nguyen. Imagine you're waiting at the bus stop. It's cold and the bus is late. Again.

Just Swipe Your Phone Over A Billboard, And Go To The Website

THE prospect of flashing a mobile phone at a movie poster to get screening times and buy tickets might seem fancifully futuristic to most.

Column 8

Paul LePetit, a fine fellow who reviewed movies for many years for that other newspaper, but is now writing for an English-language journal in Shanghai, has sent us this gem: "A quote from one of today's stories about the three minutes of silence in the city: 'Rushing waiters balancing more